Rough Carpentry In North Highlands CA

De La Mora Framing

At De La Mora Framing, we specialize in providing comprehensive rough carpentry services for a wide range of construction projects. Our skilled carpenters have the expertise and experience to handle various rough carpentry tasks, delivering quality craftsmanship and reliable solutions.

  1. Wall Framing: We excel in wall framing, constructing strong and precise wall structures. Our carpenters use industry-standard techniques and measurements to ensure the integrity and stability of the walls, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial buildings.
  2. Floor Framing: Our team specializes in floor framing, creating solid and level floor structures. We install floor joists, beams, and subflooring with careful attention to detail, ensuring proper load distribution and a sturdy foundation for the flooring system.
  3. Staircase Construction: We specialize in rough carpentry for staircase construction. Our team can build various types of staircases, including straight, spiral, or custom designs, ensuring precise measurements, proper support, and compliance with safety regulations.

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Residential and Commercial

  1. Framing Repairs and Modifications: If you require repairs or modifications to existing framing structures, we can assist you. Our carpenters will evaluate the project, identify the necessary repairs or modifications, and provide effective solutions to restore or enhance the framing’s integrity.
  2. Temporary Structural Supports: During construction or renovation projects, temporary structural supports may be necessary for safety and stability. Our team can install temporary bracing, shoring, or supports as needed, ensuring a secure environment for ongoing construction activities.
  3. Demolition and Site Preparation: As part of our rough carpentry services, we offer demolition and site preparation. Our team can handle the safe dismantling and removal of existing structures, preparing the site for new construction or renovation projects.


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